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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Poll #'s

The 5% Peter Hutchinson received in the recent Minnesota poll well not a major shock is a set back. While nobody thought he had reached the high teens the 5% has been his low end in every poll to date.

There is some positive among those that know who he is the favorable opinion outweighs unfavorable 3 to 1 and he has the money to improve name recognition to a Tim Penny or Jesse Ventura level. At the same time Mike Hatch favorable/unfavorable rating is 51/21. That tends to suggest there is a strong priority from a large segment to get Pawlenty out of office. If Hatch still has unfavorable ratings under 30% by October 1st I would be shocked.

We're approaching the point in the campaign where we need to see movement, but it's still to early to say he won't be a factor. You have to think Mike Hatch will now have the courage to try to keep Hutchinson out of the debates, but Pawlenty will probably keep him in.

It should be reminded that both Jesse Ventura and Tim Pawlenty were double digits behind in polls as late as October, so in large part you have to look behind the #'s to see the full story. And as always polls always have some element of human error that. In any event it was good to see the first local poll as it will get this election on people's radar, and will get more people to find out more about the candidates


Blogger lloydletta said...

Peter Hutchinson has an opening with gay voters should he decide to try to use it.

Blogger mike said...

It's a good play for Hutchinson if he wants to rise above 5% overnight, the question is would it play well enough for him to have a chance to win? One things for certain if he went as far as saying he was for legalizing gay marraige name recognition would shoot up. I sure hope he does something bold soon, and would be totally in favor of him going in this direction if the risk diminishes (he doesn't gain momentum by September).


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