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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The good the bad and the ugly

Three more candidates filed to run with the Independence Party today.

The good Robert Fitzgerald, the best Independence Party US Senate candidate ever.

The bad Dale Nathan for Attorney General. I appreciate Dale working within the Independence Party over the years, but he just isn't what we want in an attorney general.

The Ugly, the unfortunate return of Doug Williams for congress in the 2nd district. His views somehow made their way onto the radio last year and KFAN's Dan Cole did a full hour on how pathetic of a candidate he is. I hope like hell the media does not pick up on this.

If your a rational Independence party supporter in the 2nd congressional district please file and knock this guy off in the primary, I'll help raise your filing fee.


Anonymous Chris said...

Is RF's fundraising improving?

I was surprised at Hutchinson's poll numbers in today's Strib. Those will jump, but I thought he'd start higher...

Have a good weekend.

Blogger mike said...

I talked to Robert briefly Thursday, he was in the process of running his #'s for the 2nd quarter which were just a hair under $5,000 which kept him under the filing level.

Friday he and his campaign manager met with a professional fundraiser and Robert is seriuse about rasing some money this quarter.


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