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Friday, July 14, 2006

Alan Fine is a shmuck

Alan Fine's campaign site links to me today because of a comment I made in regards to Michele Bachmann and Keith Ellison, where I stated I would much rather elect Alan Fine and Patty Wetterling or better yet Tammy Lee and John Binkowski.

The quotes the Fine campaign latch on to are as follows

Minnesota's in the Middle article cites the merits of electing
Alan Fine as someone who will provide "leadership in
Washington" and "respect of the law."

Printed July 11, 2006 by the main contributor to Minnesota’s in the Middle (blogsite focused upon supporting the Independence Party: http://minnnesotamiddle.blogspot.com/)

I must note that at the time I wrote that I didn't feel right about using those words in the context of Alan Fine, but decided they work for Patty Wetterling, John Binkowski, and Tammy Lee, and Fine does not rise to the level of an Ellison or Bachmann so hey 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

I must remind my readers of Fines recent comments about his 2002 bid for the Independence Party US Senate nomination. He said he has always been a Republican, and only ran with the Independence Party because he knew he couldn't beat Norm Coleman. I contend that he ran as a Republican this time around because he knew he couldn't beat Tammy Lee.

If the Tammy Lee campaign wants to use my quotes about leadership and respect for the law thats great, because she is the type of candidate those type of words best describe. Heres some better quotes for Alan Fine "not a complete jerk" and "better then Michele Bachmann".


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