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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Matt Entenza out

While it looks like the big bully wins again. Minnesotas biggest jerk Mike Hatch has chased Matt Entenza out of the race for Attorney General, leaving John James and Jeff Johnson as the major party endorsed candidates left in the race. While Matt Entenza's baggage was clear, the DFL will now face another Walter Mondale situation where they will be to rushed to think things through. If they can't get an endorsement right, where they have months to prepare, they won't cover the baggage of the shotgun candidate.


Blogger minntelect said...

1. Hatch did not force Entenza out; Entenza's own conflicts did him in. If Entenza was running for any other office, his connections to UnitedHealth would be a much smaller story.

2. There is no "Walter Mondale situation" here. The only tie to Mondale is that the last Republican to be elected AG (Doug Head) was Mondale's law-school classmate. The DFL has an almost institutional advantage with this office. It now gets two months to select a candidate from what will likely be many. Entenza's fate shows what can happen when candidates are not intraparty opposed before they are annointed. Pawlenty had the benefit of a hard primary fight in 2002, as did Hatch this year. This vets the candidates. Entenza's was the front-runner from day one, and the DFL mistakenly gave him the pass. The only larger mistake could be from Republicans - had they waited just one more day to reveal these issues, Entenza would have been forced to remain on the ballot.

Blogger mike said...

Everyone has known of Entenzas troubles for well over a year. The DFL may have given him a pass and the Republicans may have decided to help out, but the reason Entenza is out is because of Mike Hatch not the actions of the Republicans, or Matt Entenza. The fact Entenza never should have been endorsed in the first place doesn't change this.


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