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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whats going on in the campaigns

I'd like to give an update on the development of the major Independence Party endorsed candidates.

Tammy Lee: Tammy Lee is in a great position as long as she can continue to raise money and introduce herself to the voters she will get all the media she could ask for after the DFL primary. She is about to launch her first campaign commercial, and is taking full advantage of the parade circuit. She is also well connected in Washington, in media, and in the business community. There is no doubt she will continue to tap into those contacts in ways that might surprise her opponents.

Peter Hutchinson/Team Minnesota: they have fundraising down, and they are very well staffed in Minneapolis and are running a creative energetic campaign. They need to break out in the media, break out out state, and break out on the issues. The recent poll #'s well not unexpected really leave me asking questions about how he gets his message out and becomes a player in this race. In large party I think the fact that people like Pawlenty hurts him from both ends. The way to win this race is to beat Pawlenty down, and pain Hatch as the guy causing the fight, and there is no doubt many opportunities will present themselves. I question some aspects of the team concept, as it doesn't allow John James Lucy Gerold and Joel Spoonhiem the level of exposure they need, a perfect example of that is the fact I was about to submitt this before I decided I needed to add this sentance mentioning them by name.

Robert Fitzgerald: Robert has no fundraising background, and is really only now able to establish himself coming out of endorsement. Robert from the start has had great ideas that will benefit the campaign such as Gus the big Red bus and is now getting Gus out around the state. The recent poll shows a huge opportunity among young people as they have overwhelmingly rejected the DFL endorsed candidate (it's a cheap shot to call someone the DFL endorsed candidate these days right?), in the end I think it's safe to say less then 50% of the young vote will go Republican, if these young people don't vote Klobuchar Fitzgerald may pick up some support. Robert has a Jesse Ventura type scenario sitting in front of him. He can get young stupid voters who decide they want to vote for a know nothing typical My Space user, while at the same time he can convey an understanding of the issues we face, and a courage to address those issues the way they should be even if it's politically unpopular. Robert is the only candidate that I can see riding a wave of momentum all the way. Both Peter Hutchinson and Tammy Lee may get momentum, and they can become competitive and even win, but at some point they're going to level off and possibly fall back.

John Binkowski: John is much like Fitzgerald only now getting the real experience, he doesn't have the gimmicks of Robert's Bus, or the fundraising of Tammy Lee, or the background of Peter Hutchinson. He is in the truest sense of the world a long shot, but given the alternatives the Democrats and Republicans offer in the 6th he has a duty to us all to run and run hard. He has the passion and energy that it will take. It's just a matter of adding something to that.

I will campaign with John and Tammy in the coming weeks and hope to join Roberts tour sometime soon, I hope to be able to report good things as the time for momentum is now.


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