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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tammy Lee comes out swinging

Bush bashing works on the 5th CD crowd. And Tammy Lee does it in a way that makes it very clear she is no Keith Ellison or Mike Erlandson tax and spend liberal. Check out her Web site to see the first few of the nine commercials she introduced at tonight’s jam packed fundraiser.


Blogger Devon said...

"...tax and spend liberal." Wow, again. This post, along with your horribly misjudging of the 6th C.D., plus your utterly comical governor's prediction (it was a joke, right?) makes me laugh. It's not even worth rebutting your poor excuse for analysis because all the independent candidates are irrelevant anyway. Except Hutchinson, who may steal 6 or 7%, no IP candidate will crack 5%. 34% for Hutchinson is terribly funny...thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

Blogger mike said...

This kind of attitude is commen place in the DFL. It is a large part of the reason the Independence Party exists. Horrible candidates and arrogance are not a good mix.

And I'm a little confused. Hutchinson might get 6 or 7% (he's polling at 8% and rising by the way) and yet no IP candidate will poll in over 5% (even though Fitzgerald is polling at 8% and each and just about every endorsed IP candidate has cracked 5% since 2002).

I might be wrong, but one things for sure, your not right.

Blogger Devon said...

I'm talking about the general, not polls from July that are meaningless. So what if these polls have Fitzgerald at 8%? They also have Amy Klobuchar with 19% lead over Kenendy, and shows Kennedy with an over 40% lead in the 18-25 demographic. As I said, these polls are meaningless. No IP candidate (except maybe Hutchinson) will crack 5%.

Blogger mike said...

I think we've got you down Devon. The DFL endorsed candidates Entenza, Ellison, Hatch, and Klobuchar are all flawless, they will all get 55 to 100% of the vote. The Independence Party is full of incompetent idiots who will all get between 1.4 and 1.8% if the vote.

By the way I understand polls in July are meaningless. They tend to be that way when up until this past week Robert Fitzgerald John Binkowski and even to a large extent Peter Hutchinson haven't had their name in the paper much. They also tend to be that way when up until next week not a single Tammy Lee campaign ad has appeared.

For a party who is completly meaningless you sure seem to be coming back often. The question has to be asked Devon who's campaign staff are you on? I take it you've been assigned to do dammage controll. You might choose to get your own blog.

I like comments but you only get to say the same thing 4 times. So if you wish to comment here again come up with a new line of attack. Either that or create a new fake first name, and come back in a few weeks for another round of BS.


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