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Friday, July 28, 2006

July Governor's race prediction

2 weeks ago the Minnesota poll came out and it didn't look good for Peter Hutchinson. Monday a poll came out showing him at 8%. The Republicans and Democrats thought that was about right, except the fact Robert Fitzgerald also polled at 8% confused them. Over the last week it has become clear to me the fears created by the Minnesota poll, are only that fears, reality is both Hutchinson and Fitzgerald continue to get their name out and convert more and more voters. I'm not sure he will match Robert Fitzgeralds victory in November...Mid thought I have to change that as I hear David Strom countinue to say great things about Peter Hutchinson on KSTP Radio, which is a critical element to Hutchinson matching Fitzgeralds victory.

I'm going for it what the hell

Peter Hutchinson 34%
Pawlenty 33.8%
Mike Hatch 27%
Ken Pental 1.1%
Walt E. Brown 3.1%


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