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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Note to Devon/Week in review

I now know your opinion (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you actually believe what you type). Thanks for commenting. unfortunately if you want others to see your opinion from here on out you will have to get your own blog. You've written the Independence Party off, but lets be honest here you will be supporting the DFL this November and hope like heck the Independence Party fails.

Now for the week in review

Sunday: John Binkowski marches in the Stillwater Lumberjack days parade along with almost 50 supporters. At the same time Robert Fitzgerald appears on at issue with Tom Hauser saying all the things he needs to say to bring support his way and make it clear he is a legitimate candidate.

Monday: The Survey USA poll comes out showing Fitzgerald and Peter Hutchinson at 8%.

Thursday: Tammy Lee hosts a fundraiser introducing her first nine television ads. Over 70 people attend and the response is great.

Friday: Robert Fitzgerald is featured in a Star Tribune front page piece regarding the conflict in the mid East. His stance separates him from his two opponents (a critical element in any three way race). Meanwhile, Independence Party chair Jim Moore calls out Mike Hatch for using his office of attorney general and office materials, and who knows what other tax payer resources to promote his campaign.

Today: While not featured on the front page John Binkowski separates himself from his opponents in a similar Star Tribune piece. The media also begins to bite on Jim Moore’s release on Hatch with a front page article.

In light of the events to end the week the 8% we see for Hutchinson and Fitzgerald now feels borderline negative, as we await the next poll for more positive news.

Devon I like you am a partisan, but your know it all attitude will get no more exposure on this blog. You've had your say, and heck if you didn't keep hacking away at it in such a short time frame you would have been free to comment on this blog your partisan line the entire campaign. I hate to do it, but for the first time on this blog I have to reject comments. I will however allow you to comment once again if you get your own blog, and open yourself up to a little give and take


Blogger Devon said...

Mike, I don't have your email so this is how I will contact you. You may have me misread. If you really feel I have a "know it all attitude", I'm sorry. I believe strongly in what I write and if that comes across as "know it all", so be it; my conscience is clear. But, with all due respect, your attitude in your posts are not much better. I actually, believe it or not, higly respect the Independence Party. I think Jesse Ventura was a highly effective governor and was a refreshing change for everyone. I also supported Tim Penny for governor four years ago. Unfortunately, the field of candidates this year are not even close to the caliber of Ventura and Penny. If you are trying to further the debate of the IP, censoring my comments is not a way to do it. I, unfortunately, due to having a job and returning to school in August, do not have time to maintain my own blog. I was not "hacking away" as you stated. You replied to my comment, and I thought that in the spirit of debate I would continue the conversation. How is it possible to further your message by rejecting someone who has a different opinion than your own? I will be happy to carry on a conversation through email, since you've shut me out of your comments. But remember, if you had let me continue to comment, I was open to "give and take" right there.
Devon Holstad


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