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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Big news from WCCO

The Republican Party chair is accusing Mike Hatch of using his office to campaign. Funny I didn't see anything from WCCO when the Independence Party chair actually made the complaint. It should be noted there was a reason the Republicans didn't run with this clear ethical violation by Hatch until after the Independence party brought the issue forward, the reason the Republicans didn't present this information to the media is because they do the same thing, and didn't want the media to look into some of the things there candidates have done. WCCO really should run with news when a credible source gives them something to work with rather then playing into the partisan games of the Democrats and Republicans, their viewers might have actually taken the story seriously if the source was the Independence party Chair, but by running with the story from this angle now a lot of viewers will be able to safely assume Hatch did nothing wrong, as the chair's of either the Republican or Democrat party lie more often then they tell the truth.


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