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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another candidate seeks endorsement

Found this from "Unity" candidate Harry Welty running in the eight congressional district.

On the issues he appears to be acceptable, but not choosing to run under the Independence Party will likely end up disqualifying him from IP Endorsement. The IP in 2002 used cross party endorsement with unsatisfactory results, and has since had a strict policy against cross endorsement in partisan races. The charge against cross endorsement by the way is lead by 8th CD chair P.J. Richardson, so Harry has even more of an uphill battle for endorsement then others in a similar situation. If Harry was an exceptional candidate I'm sure the fact he has no party would allow us to endorse him as a non Independence Party candidate, but because he shows no signs of the potential to contend to win the seat, the fact he did not file to run as a member of the Independence Party will probably make for an easy decision of no endorsement.


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