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Thursday, August 03, 2006

I think it, they say it

This was a common theme with me during the Ventura years. I would think a radical out of the blue thought and within days Jesse Ventura would be saying it, in fact during the Ventura years I was so in sync with his actions that after the Paul Wellstone “memorial“ I was already telling people without a shadow of a doubt that he walked out prior to that news being confirmed.

Tuesday night I Left downtown Minneapolis after a Twins game at around 10:10. I had to get to Bloomington by 11 PM to work, no problem I'll stop by burger King grab something to eat and be in the parking lot by 10:45 with plenty of time to enjoy my meal (note I never eat and drive, the food doesn't taste as good and the driving suffers). For the second consecutive time making the Trip from a Twins game to Bloomington there was no chance of making it to work on time. There was a crash on the side of the road and what should have taken a minute or two took 40 minutes. While I blame the gawkers for 90% of the problem the reason I didn't have a chance to eat prior to being late for work was the crash. The thought running through my head was those drivers responsible for the crash need to be held accountable for not only the damage to the vehicles, but also the time and wages of the other drivers on the road.

Today Peter Hutchinson says he is willing to go that far. While sometimes accidents just happen, most of the time they are the result of some form of stupidity, be it Weaving in and out of traffic with no idea what a turn signal is, driving well above or below the speed of traffic, or simply not paying attention stupid drivers are the cause of most accidents.


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