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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A day with John Binkowski

I decided to head out to the Washington county fair this morning to help out John Binkowski. The Binkowski campaign was signing up supporters giving out buttons, and having a great time enjoying the fair atmosphere all day. As you can imagine on the 5th day of the fair where they put in 10 and 12 hour days the energy was down a bit, but it is very clear John and his supporters are fired up. Tuesday night John faces off with Michele Bachmann in the first true debate of the race. Bachmann is a great debater, but from what I've seen John should have no trouble going toe to toe with her. With no Wetterling this is a great opportunity for John to catch the issue based voters attention.

I really think the Independence party will have great success in the federal races. Not a single person challenged John on the war all week, people want to get us out of Iraq, and their seeing no action from the Democrats. While Democrats should have success nation wide, the voters are ready for anti war candidates who take a more fiscally conservative approach, and they won't get that from Wetterling, Ellison, or Klobuchar. Does that mean the Independence party is in position to sweep those three races, who knows, but Fitzgerald, Binkowski, and Lee are going to catch their opponents attention before the race is over.


Blogger Devon said...

I can see that you're excited about the debate (as you should be, because I hope John can take it to Michele), but you do have to admit that it is a bit unfair without Wetterling there. The whole debate planning and coordination was ridiculous at best, with the Forest Lake Chamber consulting Bachmann and Binkowski about the date and then giving Wetterling a "take it or leave it" invite. I'm all for debates, and I hope there are more in this race, but this debate was set up with the most biased of political intentions.

Blogger Devon said...

I know you're excited about the upcoming debate (as you should be, and I hope John takes it to Michele), but don't you agree that the way this debate was set-up and organized was partisan politics at its worst? The Forest Lake Chamber, when organizing the debate, coordinated the schedules of Michele Bachmann and John Binkowski when picking a date, and then gave Patty Wetterling a "take it or leave it" invite. I'm all for debates, and look forward to more in the future when all three candidates are able to attend, but this debate, because of the organizers' obvious partisan ploy, has been tainted.

Anonymous Rachel said...

Devon, I think we can all agree that Bachmann is the devil. Despite this, Binkowski will easily handle her. You should listen to her pandering to the audience instead of directly answering questions at the Farm Fest forum - http://www.sctimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060802/NEWS01/108010034

Speaking of pandering, Wetterling did it also, but she wasn't as obvious about it. The only person who directly answered the questions was John Binkowski. Listen to the audio and you'll figure that out pretty quickly.

Regarding the Forest Lake debate, I think you should be pleased Wetterling can't make it. Quite frankly, she stinks at speaking "off the cuff" and at debates in general, in case you haven't noticed. And before you even say anything about her effectiveness as an advocate, let me just quote someone off the St. Cloud Times story chat: "Patty Wetterling is a wonderful, sympathetic person, very effective in her personal cause. But she's weak beyond that. I think there's a good chance the political "pros" in Washington would eat her alive (Two "laws": Nature hates a vacuum and politicians chew up the truly decent people who venture onto their "turf")."


"there's a big difference between swimming upstream from the outside, as an advocate (which she has done effectively), and being on the inside as one of the "players." There's not much the pros can do to an outsider, but inside the circle, they have a lot of power to "reward" and "punish." "

Furthermore, if Patty really wants to compete in this race, she should make sure she can get to the debates, no matter what. I mean, with the exception of a family obligation, I can't see why she can't attend. Well, maybe another campaign event. But debates are more important, I believe, than any other campaign event.

Bottom line: She's a nice woman, but she's weak. And you have to admit, we need more than two choices in a race, as not everyone is a Repubican or a Democrat.

Finally, to quote the same guy again: "Binkowski is the only candidate with real guts, who doesn't behave like most modern day politicians." And, I'll add, Binkowski's the only real choice in this race. www.jpbinkowski.com

Blogger Devon said...

I agree, she should try to make it to debates at all costs, and if it becomes a pattern it's a whole different story. But when the debate organizers *ASK* Bachmann and Binkowski if the date works for them, and then *TELLS* Wetterling the date and says she can come if she wants, that is wrong in my opinion. Not just because I support her, I feel that no matter what candidate, they all should be consulted beforehand. As far as the rest of your comment, (which I sum up as "Patty is a good person, but weak, and she'll get eaten alive in Washington"), I disagree. I think Patty has improved as a campaigner so much in the past two years that she's not even the same candidate. I agree that Binkowski has guts, because it takes that to be in the position he's in, but I don't think he has a shot at winning. I think he can shake things up a bit and make the other candidates pay more attention to the issues he's pushing, but as far as "the only real candidate in this race", that's bogus. Wetterling is the best choice (in my opinion) but yes, Binkowski would be much better than Bachmann.


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