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Friday, August 04, 2006

Great night for a parade

This is the best part of summer, most of us have headed up north so often that we forget to have a good time outside at home. It's cooled down, and despite the rain their isn't a mosquito to be found.

I held the banner tonight for Tammy Lee in the St Anthony parade. The weather bought out a huge crowd, and Tammy and her tattoo passers had trouble keeping up as they attempted to get to everyone in the crowd. The response from the crowd was great, we were at the end of the parade and I think it's clear they were not excited about any of the other candidates. We had a great time before and after the parade discussing the emergence of a real opportunity for the Independence Party to be more then a spoiler in November.

While we don't know all the details of the latest rounds of polls yet, the leaks are suggesting the Democrat and Republican support is down considerably. As those on the left and right discuss the margin between the Democrats and Republicans the Independence party appears to be rising into contention in both the US Senate race and Governors race. The feel from tonight would also suggest the Independence party will be contending in the 5th congressional district, as Republican candidate Alan Fine has decided rather then a quest for 15% he will see how close to 0% a Republican candidate can get without dropping out of the race.

Another parade in the morning, and then New Brighton on Thursday. Things are looking better and better every day.


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