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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The puppy vote?

Apperently Alan Fine has given up on the human vote, but is working hard to be in position for the puppy vote. I'm sorry to say this but I think even a dog will see Alan Fine as a fraud.

The link might have load time issues, in fact after 10 minutes I haven't had it pop up yet. Maybe Alan Fine would be better off dropping out of the race. I can think of at least two people that would love to see it happen one of them is not much of a party guy and the other has a 34 inch waist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posts like this from someone who represents the Indepence Party remind me over and over why I could not belong to the Independence Party at all. I hope you are not representative of everyone left in the party.

Blogger mike said...

If Alan was sending out press releases on actuall issues then a press release on his new puppy would be fine, but for this to be the only thing that he wants to tell the press tells me everything I need to know about Alan Fine's thought process.

I'm going to continue to call Alan Fine out every chance I get. If you don't know why, look no further then the front page of his website, where he takes a quote from me completly out of context. That would have been an acceptable mistake if he either left the link to this blog up, or took the quote down within a week or two, but he continues to try to make it look like I endorse him. I don't put up with liars, and neither should you.

lets be honest here Anonymous your a partisan Republican and weren't going to support Tammy Lee and the Independence party to begin with.

I'm not going to change my tune because you pretend to be a potential Independence Party supporter. If we lose out on the votes of Spot, Barney, Toby,Daisy, and sparky, I guess thats to bad for us.


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