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Monday, August 07, 2006

Poll #'s?

The latest round of Rasmussen polls have painted a picture of a 12 point lead for Klobuchar, and a 10 point league for Pawlenty. When it comes to margins I only care about the difference between the Democrats and Republicans to the extent that it is significant to limit the fears of a wasted vote. Those leads are making those in the Klobuchar and Pawlenty camps more and more confident. The question I'm still waiting for is where are the actual #'s, a month ago Klobuchar was at 47%. If she had climbed over 50% I'm sure we would know that by now, if she was approaching 50% we would also be hearing that. The rumor I'm hearing is that her #'s are actually down a bit, while Kennedy is down a lot. I'm also hearing about a similar effect in the Governors race. While this poll may or may not show shocking #'s for Robert Fitzgerald or Peter Hutchinson, it appears this poll is suggesting the voters are ready for a change.

I'd love some official #'s to post this with more confidence, but as of yet I have not personally seen them.


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