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Monday, August 07, 2006

State Fair transition

This week the State Fair transition will be in full force, as the race on the issues is starting up. While the name recognition #'s are not all the way their, the fun and games period of the campaign has so far been a success. A good Republican talking point line on the IP is that we stand for nothing, Tuesday John Binkowski is going to stand for many things as he debates Michele Bachmann in Forest Lake. Wednesday Robert Fitzgerald will stand in front of the press and stand for something. As he did last Week Peter Hutchinson and team Minnesota will stand for more things in the coming weeks, and Tammy Lee will stand for many things soon as that race moves from a primary fight to an actual election.

There are still a few more parades, and what should be a very exciting issue, and fun and game driven State Fair, but come labor day this election will be all about the issues. Mainstream Minnesota will get to know the candidates and their positions, and it appears the groundwork has been done most Minnesotan's will actively consider voting for the Independence Party in November. The great thing is this party has always been strong on issues, and weaker on the fun and games period of the campaign. It appears this year the party is strong in all areas.


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