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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to go home Joe

The voters of Connecticut decided Tuesday they don't care to see Joe Lieberman serve them any longer. Joe is the worst kind of politician, a tax and spend conservative, the voters of Connecticut are finally catching on and in a big way by rejecting him in the primary. Now Joe has decided he is an independent, and while he has more of an independent streak then Mark Kennedy the fact that he still participated in the primary of another party clearly proves he is anything but an independent.

Lieberman also has announced he will run a campaign called Team Connecticut, last I checked candidates who run without a party after getting kicked out of the race by the party they used to play for weren't considered team players. Meanwhile for some odd reasons Republicans are jumping all over this tax and spend Democrat which really shows the level of desperation that party has. They truly don't have any principals during election season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Joe will split the republican vote more than the dem vote...I mean, Sean Hannity did endorse Joe!

Blogger Tony said...

Odd, isn't it...a candidate with both Sean Hannity's and Hilary Clinton's endorsement.


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