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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Debate recap

The debate started with only John Binkowski on stage, after giving things two or three minutes the moderator decided to start the introductions, Bachmann finally walked in 10 or 15 seconds later. In her opening comments Bachmann went on and on about how awful it was that Patty Wetterling wasn't participating, while I agree I don't believe it's a candidates place to bring that up, and I know it's not the place of a candidate that shows up late for debates. It was very disrespectful towards Binkowski, the audience, and the VFW to show up late.

The debate itself focused on economic issues, taxes, transportation. The social issues that Bachmann throws away her political influence on were not once mentioned. On economic issues Bachmann and Binkowski are very much in agreement, with Binkowski being more open to talking about things like a gas tax, and alternative energy sources, while Bachmann simply pretended we have no choice, but to continue to consume oil at the current rates. While Bachmann decided she needed to dumb things down for the audience and give us an Economics 101 lecture.

Apparently Bachmann believes when it comes to our energy sources the government needs to stay out completely which is odd given she never mentioned she wanted to legalize drugs.

Overall the debate was uneventful, but we all got to see how well John Binkowski knows and can convey the issues, and I'm sure some who saw him tonight or see him on cable access broadcast will consider throwing their support his way. I just hope Bachmann doesn't now shy away from future debates where he is set to participate.

Key issue statements from Binkowski tonight

25 cent per gallon gas tax to catch up with the inflation in price
Flat Tax
minor tweaking of the estate tax to make sure family farms are not hurt.


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