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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fitzgerald press conference

Today Robert Fitzgerald held a press conference regarding his campaign bus as it relates to energy policy. Kare 11 sent a camera, and Eric Eskola conducted a lengthy interview on the bus. Robert views the energy crisis as being the effect of big business and there political connections restricting competition to bring forth innovated ideas.

While Roberts opponents will have similar talking points the results in Washington simply don't seem to demonstrate the Republican party or Democratic party intend to make significant change. It is my hope Fitzgerald will continue to clarify his position on the issues and gain the medias respect as a credible candidate.

After the press conference Fitzgerald went to the Independence Party booth at the Dakota county fair to meet and great voters. From all accounts things went very well for him down their including a campaign contribution or two. If this is any indication the State Fair will be really big for Robert's campaign.


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