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Friday, August 11, 2006

Another victim

Looks like Dennis Anderson danderson@startribune.com over at the Star Tribune is another victim of two party syndrome.

Send him a message that Robert Fitzgerald, Peter Hutchinson, and John Binkowski deserve mention, given they are major party endorsed candidates. Please note this article actually mentioned Sue Jeffers, so there is no excuse whatsoever for the lack of Independence Party mention.


Anonymous Kelly Moe said...

Uhh, are you so sure that the Independence party actually has major party status?

It is my understanding that they do not---and because of that, they don't get state campaign money.

Am I wrong? (I'm too tired, and off to bed in two minutes, so I am not going to research this).

Blogger mike said...

Of course the Independence Party still has major party status. The party has retained Major Party status for over a decade now with the poll numbers indicating they will clearly keep it with a worst case scenario outcome in the party. This isn't a party that is barley scrapping by the major party threshold, this is a party that has clearly defined itself as a factor in this state.

Anonymous Rachel said...

Yes, Kelly, we do have major party status. To maintain it, one must receive 5% of the vote in a state constitutional office race. In 2002, Tim Penny received 16% in the gubernatorial race, and Dave Hutcheson received over 5% in the Auditor race.

I don't know who told you we do not have major party status - someone who is honestly not aware or someone who wants us to fail. Our candidates are great, bring up the important issues (as opposed to hot button ones), don't accept special interest money (and therefore, are not beholden to special interest groups such as MCCL or AFSCME), and are honest. They will actually be beholden to the voters, not special interests/lobbyists; therefore, they are a threat to the opposing candidates.

To find out more about the Independence Party and our candidates, please visit our website www.mnip.org and click on the candidates link at the top of the page.

Anonymous Kelly said...

Thanks, but no thanks. Hardcore conservative here.

Blogger mike said...

No wonder your to lazy to do any fact checking.

Blogger Lehcar said...

More like not too open-minded. I know a raging liberal like that...


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