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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mary Kiffmeyer admits to being unfit for office

In trying to blame a candidate for filing for office during the filing period, Mary Kiffmeyer admits she and her office are unprepared for the most critical days of her job. If she doesn't want candidates waiting until the last minute, she needs to give them incentive to file early.

This "whoops-I-did-my-job-wrong-I-guess-it's-your-fault" attitude from Kiffmeyer is pretty pathetic. If she can't perform her job then she should resign from office. I'm sure the 500 grandchildren she trots out every four years would still support her.


Blogger Lehcar said...

Who are these people?

"IP entrants Mary Gaines and Karen Lee Rosar"

(found at the end of Kiffmeyer article, running for Ellison's seat).

Blogger mike said...

I hear good things about Rosar from everyone I talk to, as I do about Brian Smith who I've had the chance to meet.

Gaines has issues. The Republican candidate also has strong Independence party ties.


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