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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Where's the coverage?

Google news on Tammy Lee, and the major papers in this state deliver next to nothing. Read Eric Black's article on the 6th CD race today and you see he has no intention of covering John Binkowski. Read an article about the governor's race and the question still remains from whom Peter Hutchinson takes votes (they continue to get it wrong, by the way).

Meanwhile, full articles continue to be written on Pam Ellison and Sue Jeffers, as if to indicate those at the newspaper wish the political story in this state would change. What they don't realize is that with rare expectation, the change starts with the media. And while they may feel uncomfortable using that power for change, by not covering all major parties, they are using their power of influence in a more damaging manor. The reasons for not covering the Independence Party candidates in the past have all been rational; however, if we go by past reasoning then Tammy Lee blows all those standards away. Yet she gets less coverage in the Minneapolis paper than John Binkowski.

I don't have any great conspiracy theory here, but I have to wonder what the hell is going on, and I don't think I'm the only one, or even that Independence Party supporters are the only ones. The public has a basic expectation of the paper, and more and more of them are realizing that those at the paper have no intention of meeting those expectations. Call it cheap, call it lazy, or call it a great conspiracy; one thing's for certain: it isn't right.


Blogger Christopher said...

Not sticking up for the media, but Tammy is getting burried b/c she's unopposed for the IP nomination. The story in the 5th is the Democratic primary. If Tammy is getting nothing in a month, then I'd really worry.

I do have a hard time seeing the gubernatorial and 6th district races as anything other than Hatch-Pawlenty, Wetterling-Bachmann, respectively. That might work for the IP, especially if those races get super-ugly. Then Hutchinson and Binkowski can walk in and be the reasonable voices.


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