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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A little full disclosure

I have left my position as the Independence Party Special Events chair, and am now working with Robert Fitzgerald and to a lesser extent, the other Federal candidates. We need to scrape up a little money, and get Robert ready for the debates. So far, he is invited to all of them - and polling at and above 5% twice should assure him access to those debates. The State Fair is clearly the big thing for Robert's campaign the next few weeks, with the debates starting there and the media contacts coming out of there. He could always use some funds, by the way. If you haven't checked his blog in a while, it has some good stuff.


Blogger Christopher said...

Congrats, Mike. I'm pulling for Tammy. (I like JB, but I like Wetterling better. I like Robert better than Klobuchar and Kennedy, but I think Klobuchar is the best chance right now to beat Bush's boy.)


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