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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The critical elements you need to know: John James needs to raise an additional $3450 (in small donations, essentially meaning 69 more donors at or above the $50 level) to receive funds from the state which will be bumped up considerably if Steve Kelley wins the DFL primary and is forced to go over the spending limits because of his gubernatorial campaign.

Joel Spoonhiem is $1100 away from receiving matching funds. If you intended to give $100 to Peter Hutchinson, you may want to redirect your donation to John and Joel, as the deadline is rapidly approaching. It would be better to have some breathing room, just in case something weird happens.

Peter Hutchinson, meanwhile, is already 20% higher than Tim Penny was when the 2002 campaign ended. However, it is still critical that people dig deep for Peter, as he has big things in store if he can reach his fundraising goals.

Of course, Robert Fitzgerald, John Binkowski, and Tammy Lee also need money just as bad, if not worse, but they don't have matching funds to worry about. So in the next week or two, think of John James and Joel Spoonhiem first.


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