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Monday, August 28, 2006

"Minnesota is moving forward..."

He won't debate him, but Tim Pawlenty has no problem stealing from Peter Hutchinson. Pawlenty's first television ad is on the air today and begins with the line "Minnesota is moving forward." Pawlenty has every right to make that claim; however, if he's not willing to debate Peter Hutchinson, it tends to suggest that when it comes down to it, Pawlenty doesn't feel he is capable of proving himself to be accurate.

If Minnesota is moving forward, then Tim Pawlenty should simply debate Peter Hutchinson and squash him. After all, Hutchinson is not running a strong media campaign, and will only win if he is giving the people what they want on the issues.

The good news is this will make it a heck of a lot easier for Peter Hutchinson to get the media to bite on Pawlenty's lack of debating, and will create a few extra media appearances from the guy who actually intends on moving Minnesota forward. Thanks, Tim Pawlenty; you just gave the Hutchinson campaign a shot in the arm.


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