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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Fair is over!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said before the fair that we would know if there was real hope by the end of the fair. Unfortunately the lack of a debate on the Governors side does not complete that picture. On the US Senate side though it is crystal clear that Robert Fitzgerald can win. His performance in the debate Friday was impressive, he will need to do better down the stretch run, but I have no reason to doubt he will. With many more debate opportunities including three in the last week Robert will get the equivalent of Multimillion in ad buys to spread his message. The opportunity to meet with the voters now moves to the campuses as school is opening up.

The voters are now on board with the election and things will happen rapidly from here on out. Team Minnesota has left for its stateWide tour; we are only a week away from the next senate debate. The primary will be over before we know it and all those distractions will be out of the way.

As for the governors race starting to clear out it should happen soon. The break down of the race absolutely requires Mike Hatch to debate soon, even if it's only him and Hutchinson. Pawlenty has a commanding lead which ad buys will not break. Mike Hatch will need to change course soon or his campaign is as good as over before it even started, and that requires he gets a real message out, and is willing to test his message face to face with an opponent.


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