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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Duck, Duck Grey Duck

We all know Tim Pawlenty and Mike Hatch are afraid to take their campaign rhetoric into the debate setting. We also know Patty Wetterling intends to win her race for Congress by saying as little as possible, but now we have Michele Bachmann ducking debates.

That’s right - the same Michele Bachmann whose campaign staged debates for the sole purpose of bashing Patty Wetterling's absence. That’s right - the same Michele Bachmann who showed up late to that debate. Michele didn't know Independence Party candidate John Binkowski was a real threat, but after the Forest Lake sham of a debate, Michele now knows better than to debate Binkowski. Unfortunately, those at Almanac are gutless and are allowing Bachmann and Wetterling's game playing to cancel John Binkowski's appearance.

Minnesotans need to let Pawlenty, Hatch, Bachmann, Wetterling, and the media know they want to hear the candidates. If the Democrats and Republicans want to give up media appearances, that doesn't mean the voters don't want to hear from those candidates who have a message ready to deliver to the voters. Major Party status should mean something.


Blogger lloydletta said...

Amen to that. IP people should also listen, and call in to talk radio (Jason Lewis, and also the local lineup on Patriot Radio). They should also call in to Media Matters on Air America.

Jason Lewis may have been unaware of Binkowski's campaign - campaign people should contact Lewis's producer and ask to be included in future invitations.


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