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Friday, September 01, 2006

Debates, polls, media excitement

Today was the big day: the first US Senate debate for Robert Fitzgerald. This was his time to show everyone that he belongs and he very clearly did so, while Mark Kennedy very clearly demonstrated he is not ready for a US Senate race.

While the Klobuchar campaign volunteers paraded around the state fairgrounds with their signs (with no regard to state fair rules, or the agreed upon rules for the debate setting) and dominated the audience, it's not so clear that she won the debate as simply coming off as less of a schmuck than Mark Kennedy, which is no major accomplishment. By all accounts, Fitzgerald was the voice of reason among the three candidates and did well for himself.

Even better news than that is that a new poll shows he has 8% going into the debate season. Given the number of televised debates and his performance today, victory is not at all out of the question.

Both Robert and John Binkowski had major radio appearances today, and are securing more and more media opportunities by the day. Robert appeared on the Jack Rice show on WCCO Radio this afternoon, tackling the issues with meaningful answers that the voters expect and demand. Binkowski took on Joe Soucheray on AM 1500 for a candidate grilling and did an outstanding job getting the vast majority of the audience to show vocal support. Afterwards, John worked the crowd like a guy who’s been at this for twenty years. Not so long ago,the paid shills for the Democrat and Republican parties were calling him a meaningless college student; now, the opposition from those two parties are running scared as they know John is an elite candidate. This kid (and I can call him a kid as I am 4 days older then John) is going to be president one day if he wants it.


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