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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

8%, 8%

Both Robert Fitzgerald and Peter Hutchinson are polling at 8% in the latest round of polls. From my perspective the Fitzgerald poll #'s are more encouraging as he has done it on a low budget with low expectations and now is getting the debate opportunity to start impressing more and more Minnesotans who don't yet know him.

Still looking at the supporters of others it is clear they feel Peter Hutchinson is a significant factor. They have created attack blogs, are unwilling to say his actual poll #'s, and aggressively try to damage his campaign. Given the circumstances I still say Robert Fitzgerald is in better position to win, but luckily for Hutchinson as support for Fitzgerald increases it will also increase his support, and it may turn into across the board success. The next round of polls are big, as one of the candidates has to hit double digits soon, but there is plenty of room for optimism following last Fridays debate, and the work the Hutchinson campaign is doing.


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