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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The terrorist are out to get us

The election is only 2 months away. That can only mean scare tactics from the GOP. It's time to talk about terrorist. If this is good policy it should have happened 6 months ago. The fact that this immediately gets sent out in an E-mail by the chair of the Republican national committee 60 days prior to the election suggest it is nothing more then a campaign tool.

Dear Mike,

It's very simple. Our government has no more basic obligation than to protect the American people in a time of war. Today, President Bush outlined the steps America is taking to question and detain the world's most violent terrorists, and announced legislation to try these terrorists before military commissions.

Read the President's speech and watch the video.

Because of interrogation programs by the CIA, our nation has gained invaluable intelligence that has saved American lives. Interrogations of terrorists including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, have led to the arrests of al Qaeda operatives planning to carry out attacks inside the United States and revealed the terror network's plan to obtain biological weapons. In one chilling interrogation, Mohammed described instructing his operatives to set off explosions in buildings at points high enough to prevent those trapped from escaping out of the windows.

These new revelations are a clear reminder that the threat is real, and that we must pursue victory in this war with all our might. Because a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year put the CIA's interrogation program at risk, the President is sending legislation to Congress to specifically authorize the creation of military commissions to try these suspected terrorists for war crimes. When this legislation is passed, the people our intelligence agencies believe orchestrated 9/11 can face justice.

Watch key excerpts of the President's address and write a letter to the editor on these important efforts to keep Americans safe.

Time and time again, some Democrats in Washington have questioned why our government needs tools like these to prevent attacks on American soil. They have questioned the terrorist surveillance program, and bragged about "killing" the Patriot Act. The #2 Democrat in the Senate even likened America's interrogation practices to those in Nazi or Soviet concentration camps.

Americans now have the facts about these vital efforts to prevent future attacks. The terrorists in American custody are not just innocent bystanders. They are dangerous murderers who would kill again if set free. Take a stand and ensure our military and intelligence agencies continue to have every tool they need to fight this threat.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

It should be noted that George Bush has served about 2000 days, and in that time less then 3000 Americans have been killed by terrorist, that’s an average of less then 1.5 per day. Under George Bush the door has been left wide open for the big one should the terrorist choose to go that route. Our security seems to amount to identifying chatter which we do a good job of, but as September 11th 2001 demonstrated we aren't perfect. If Bush and the GOP lead congress are unable to protect us they should move the focus to issues they are ready and willing to adequately deal with, instead of trying to win elections with scare tactics.


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