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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alan Fine

I've made numerous request to the Alan Fine Campaign to have my out of context quote off his his website, the Alan Fine campaign has failed to remove the quote (by the way when taking a quote out of context you still need to have some level of honesty by ending it with a ...)

In light of Alan Fine's insane actions today in regards to Keith Ellison's victory I am forced to give an accurate view of what I think of Alan Fine.

Alan Fine is a man who doesn't know what leadership is. And if the impossible happened and Alan Fine was elected he would absolutely not bring leadership to Washington. And while I have no reason to say Alan Fine does not respect the law, I do know without a shadow of a doubt that he has no respect for democracy.

If your an Alan Fine supporter (not to be confused with a Republican who simply votes for the letter next to the name) do your candidate a favor and defend him. If Alan Fine's believes what he said about Ellison today he has only one option to help defeat Ellison, Alan Fine should drop out of the race, and make sure the puppy is getting proper care. The quest for 15% might be a fun game for Alan, but congress is serious business, and while I would never suggest a candidate doesn't have the right to run it is clear he is on a mission to see Keith Ellison lose, and reality tells us that only a serious candidate can make that happen.


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