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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I find it comical...

When certain candidates call other candidates embarrassments. To call another candidate an embarrassment you should probably make sure you yourself are credible, competent, and qualified.

At this point in the campaign it is the Republicans role to call Keith Ellison an embarrassment, but they shouldn't make the puppy do it. Alan Fine is not capable of saying anything that will be taken seriously, and more importantly Alan Fine is not a real Republican he is simply a candidate who picks and chooses what party to run in by who he perceives offers up the weakest opposition. Real Republicans with real credibility should call Ellison unfit for office if they believe it to be the case.

The GOP needs to look long and hard before they decide to give Keith Ellison a free pass by making the puppy do their dirty work. Of course they decided back in June to give Keith Ellison a free pass when they decided not to run a real candidate.


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