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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Early primary returns

I voted in the Independence Party primary, the results so far

US Senate Robert Fitzgerald 1
Congress Minnesota's 5th district Tammy Lee 1
Governor Peter Hutchinson 1
Secretary of State Joel Spoonhiem 1
Attorney General John James 1

Update 11:29 assuming my parents didn't make any mistakes you can increase those results to 3 for everyone. I'd love to hear from a Pam Ellison Stephen Williams or Miles Collins voter if your out there.

Fairly decent crowd voting this morning, I imagine the DFL primary will drive turnout in the 5th which should boost Becky Lourey to around 30%, and the 5th will probably determine who wins the Attorney General's race although I couldn't begin to guess what direction, or how different the voting in the 5th will be from the rest of the state.


Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Oh, I think your estimate of Becky Lourey's results is pessimistic, or from your perspective as a Hutchinson supporter, overly optimistic.

In neighboorhoods I am hearing about, Becky is the overwhelming vote-getter. That is also true in the blogs and online journals where votes cast are being declared by individuals...

Becky is the Hutchinson and Pawlenty killer...

Blogger mike said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Lourey win, it would change the dynamic of the entire election completly but it would also make Pawlenty and the DFL totally change there game plan. That being said a Jeffers supporter told me I was being pesstimistic on her convention results and your post feels like more of the same.

By the way as of 10 AM from my sign in page 3 Independence Party voters, 0 others. Sure it's all family but turnout might not be as high as I would have otherwise expected.

I'd love to see the Lourey results make Mike Hatch get a late nights sleep, or better yet no sleep as his campaign comes to an end, but I just don't see Becky rising any higher then 40%.


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