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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Primary night a success

The non election that we pretend is an election is over with no endorse candidates lost. I arrived at the IP primary night late following the Twins game with only one race uncalled that being the Attorney General race where a tight four way split left him at 31% at around 11 PM, the next few updates increased his lead from 3% to 5% and the race was called just before midnight followed almost immediately by a WCCO radio interview.

The other race that mattered for the Independence Party was the 5th CD DFL race. For Tammy Lee to win it pretty much had to be Keith Ellison, and while the lawn sign wars suggested a different dynamic in this race then was thought a month or two ago this race played out exactly as I predicted out of the convention with Ellison edging Erlandson and Ember finishing a distant third.

Primary's are the place where everything can go wrong and next to nothing can go right, but it turned out to go nearly perfect for the IP tonight. There was one house race in 58B where things turned out bad, but it sounds like the winner there might not make it to the November ballot for other reasons so that may just work itself out, and the more deserving candidate may still be in this thing.


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