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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

With 25% of precincts reporting

On the SOS website this morning we still see only 25% reporting in races the media has down for 99% if not 100%. It appears Mary Kiffmeyer couldn't care less about informing the public of last nights results. The sad reality is that we might as well expect more accurate reporting from the media then the SOS office. Maybe I could give Kiffmeyer a pass on this sort of thing if she hadn't made it an objective to misinterpret and or choose to ignore laws on a case by case partisan basis. Maybe I could give her a pass if she hadn’t intended on using fear tactics suggesting there would be people that smell like flowers blowing things up at elections two years ago, and maybe I could give her a free pass if she truly pushed for a more informed public, but all the free passes were used up long ago. On November 7th it's time to fire Mary Kiffmeyer. It would be great if we had Instant run off voting so we could fire her while at the same time keep our options open for who we hire to replace her, but she has worked hard to prevent that option from seeing the light of day.


Blogger Tony said...

I would be very grateful if you forwarded to my e-mail the list of issues with Kiff that you have. I can integrate them with mine.


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