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Monday, September 18, 2006

Star Tribune poll??????????

While we all know the Star Tribune poll is slated towards Democrats the results are still worth looking at. For one thing this is the poll that a lot of Minnesotans look at, and they view it as a credible poll. If we play it safe and say the slant weighs in 3% for the Democrat and 3% against the Republican while not effecting the Independence Party results at all,then were looking at Pawlenty at 45% Hatch at 39% with Hutchinson at 7% leaving 9% split between the minor candidates and undecided, which would be about in line with all the polls up until now with the only exception being that I think it's safe to say Hutchinson is on the rise especially following the debate. Of course the results they publish suggest to all Minnesotans they better not waste there vote so that is horrible news.

On the US Senate side things are even more ridicules. I don't doubt Kennedy is in the low 30's but it's laughable to suggest Klobuchar is that far above 50%. And generally when a candidate sees 5%, 8%, and 8% in other polls including 2 from the same group suggesting an upward trend they are not at 3%. With the Ad wars there is no doubt Fitzgerald could be back down around 5% but this is just silly. That being said a 56-32 margin suggest that there is no good reason to vote for your 2nd choice, so that will be very helpful to Fitzgerald. It seems even the Klobuchar campaign is doubting the accuracy of this poll based on their quote, if their #'s were anywhere close they wouldn't have lead on any doubt.

We'll see what happens when the Pioneer Press accurate poll comes out. And if your the editor of the Star Tribune you do need to replace your pollsters, or admit you are intentionally trying to get the wrong #'s. What the Star Tribune does is completely irresponsible and is damaging to Democracy.

As a side note the one person I talked to that was polled said she was not given Peter Hutchinson as an option for Governor. If it happened once I can only assume it happened more then once, and chances are on other occasions the respondent wasn't bold enough to still pick Hutchinson despite actually being more in favor of him then the other options.


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