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Friday, September 22, 2006

Heres a shocker

The Mark Kennedy campaign in hiding their web site from all Minnesotan's concerned about the issues that will effect us for the next six years, is simply playing games. They have no security concern, they are simply desperate because Minnesotan's aren't buying into his message of being a good republican one day, an independent the other all while driving the same conservative agenda that only works in the 6th congressional district and Texas.

Mark Kennedy is blatantly lying to each and every Minnesotan that visits his web site. A few questions that need to be answered. Was a Kennedy staffer involved in making sure the information about the Kennedy ad dropped in the lap of a liberal blogger and ultimately the Klobuchar campaign? Will the Klobuchar campaign rehire the staffer who did absolutely nothing wrong? And are any of the candidates outside of Robert Fitzgerald ready to focus on issues?


Blogger Chris Truscott said...


Blogger mike said...

Thanks for the comment, I think the latest poll results confirm that a Hutchinson voter tends to be from a fiscal conservitive something Mike Hatch absulutly is not, and contray to what the right might want you to think neither is Pawlenty.

We have a real oppurtunity to bring this state forward, or we can vote like cowards over the minimal differences between Hatch and Pawlenty. The momentum is behind Peter Hutchinson, he might not win, but giving up now is just silly.

If your a true liberal go ahead and vote Hatch or Pental for that matter, but if your simply not happy with Pawlenty the only route to look at at is Peter Hutchinson. We will have pleanty of other chances to take Minnesota backwards, this election needs to be about moving Minnesota forward.

BTW Mike Hatch also has the option of dropping out of the race. Given Peter Hutchinson will not be doing it maybe you should be pushing for the attorney general to exit the race.

Blogger Chris Truscott said...

I think PH would be a great governor, but it isn't happening. Not this time.

I also think Fitzgerald is a great candidate and what I know of Binkowski is good, too. But again, not happening. I do hope Tammy Lee works out, though. Fingers crossed on that one.

Imagine would the IP could've done the last two years with 4 or 5 members in the Minnesota House. They'd be picking the speaker and have the deciding votes on most controversial legislation. It would be like the Dean Barkley effect time 100.

It's a shame that 8 years after Jesse the party hasn't been able to get it together at the legislative level. Statewide and national candidates are great, but you can't govern w/o the legislative branch. (Basic civics, I know. Sorry.)

Blogger Chris Truscott said...

Two more things:

1. Imagine Robert Fitzgerald in a race where he could practically meet every voter (state House or Senate district). He'd be tough to beat. Very tough.

2. I love how the Kennedy camp could still take donations but not share basic info. about the candidate. Go figure.

Blogger mike said...

All fair points, I do have to say though Fitzgerald would not win a local race because the media would give him no stage whatsoever, and thats really what it comes down to.

At the same time the media is going out of it's way to give Peter a stage. They want the story to present itself, and with 5 debates to come and the media on his side I wouldn't count him out just yet. 9% is very good at this stage.

As insiders we tend to think we're late in the game but in reality this race has just begun. I hope you can see after a few debates and the poll #'s that follow that real hope does exist.

3rd party politics does not fit the text book model, we shall see how this plays out, the text book is just getting written at this point.

Blogger Chris Truscott said...

Peter was wonderful in the Chamber debate last week.

I imagine Hatch and Pawlenty go into debates trying not to lose. Hold it steady and air a TV ad later...

Hutchinson has nothing to lose. (And he was the awesome Ventura radio ads.)


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