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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shame on the Star Tribune

Apparently they are now using the results of their latest poll to justify excluding Robert Fitzgerald from their debate coverage. While I don't think candidates polling at 3% deserve equal coverage, I don't think a news organization does itself any good when they put stock in their poll and their poll only. Robert is polling at 8% in two seperate polls, and even the Klobuchar campaign doubts the results of the Minnesota poll. At it's best it is an outlier and until another poll confirms it's results it should be treated as such. Robert Fitzgerald did participate in that debate and he actually had something to say about the issues, it's a shame that the Star Tribune isn't willing to report his stance on the issues, rather falling back on the meaningful, but less informative quotes regarding his lack of special interest or partisan ties.

Patricia Lopez And Jay Weiner need to hear from you, the editorial board at the Star Tribune needs to hear from you. They don't have a right to influence an election in this manor and at the same time call themselves Journalist. The Minnesota poll is a joke that absolutely effects the election, and everyone knows it. The Star Tribune cheats and we can't let them get away with it.

As always when contacting the media keep it respectful as you have the greatest effect that way.


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