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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yeah sure Mark

Mark Kennedy's campaign is pretending to shut down his web site down due to security concerns. It was just a year and half ago that this Senate seat became an open seat, as Mark Dayton committed political suicide by closing his office down due to real security concerns on his part. The most comical aspect of this is they have left their fundraising link up, the one place a hacker could do real damage.

It should be noted this has nothing to do with hacking, and everything to do with the careless actions Kennedy's ad firm took in not securing confidential material. If a similar event happens with Mark Kennedy as a US Senator and critical information is carelessly allowed into the hands of people intending to do real harm, I sure as heck hope his reaction is somewhat more mature.

Mark Kennedy employs bloggers who would gladly grab similar information from his opposition, he knows better than to try to pull a stunt like this. Could it be that Mark Kennedy simply doesn't want the voters see where he stands on the issues? I'd be willing to bet they didn't actually secure the site, and a hacker would be able to see the entire site although I don't encourage anyone to try.


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