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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peter Hutchinson challanges, Tim Pawlenty caves

Peter Hutchinson finally took his complaint about the lack of debates in the Governors race to the media at the capital, and into Tim Pawlenty’s office. In typical Tim Pawlenty fashion he caved within a few hours agreeing to five additional debates, just as he caved on his no new taxes pledge, just as he caved to Democrats after sticking to his position to the point of a government shutdown two years ago.

While I am grateful the voters will get to see the candidates debate, I am a little baffled by the gutlessness we continue to see from this Governor. He canceled debate after debate, and then as soon as Peter Hutchinson challenges him on it he does a complete 180? This would be one thing if it was simply a campaign issue, but this is Pawlenty's leadership style. He leads doing what he believes is right until someone says something critical and then he instantly lays down and lets his political enemies walk all over him.


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