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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's an issue

At the core of the Independence Party is the issue of campaign finance reform, and special interest money. It is an issue that Democrats and Republicans can not counter at all. The problem with the issue is that it does not traditionally drive voters choices, however this survey suggest it is the #1 issue on the voters minds this election cycle. While Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy take dollar after dollar from all interest groups including those that give to both sides clearly indicating they intend to buy influence Independence Party candidates across the board will take no part in it. It's political corruption at it's finest and everyone knows it. Amy Klobuchar eagerly seeks out bribes, Mark Kennedy eagerly seeks out bribes. When you link everything together it's criminal on their part, and it looks like the public is ready to call these shameful people on it (sorry no kind words can be offered to those that think so little of serving the public that they are eager to participate in this element of politics).

Cut the bribes out of politics and we all get more for less. Remember when we pay taxes those are our dollars, and should efficiently come back to the public as a whole and not campaign donors.


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