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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

GOP convention

I've spent all day wondering why I should care, and I think I've figured it out. The entire nation would love to have something like the Independence Party gaining momentum prior to the 2008 elections. The best way for that momentum to start is by electing some independent candidates here so that in 2008 when the media is bored with the same old tired worn out speeches we see at convention after convention, they will interview congresswomen Tammy Lee, Governor Peter Hutchinson, Congressman John Binkowski, and Senator Robert Fitzgerald. Once that happens the public will be ready to jump on board for whoever the independent candidate for president happens to be. An Independent considering a run for president would be wise to do everything in there power to get those four elected this fall. It is after all better to have something built up before you try to come in from the top, even if it's not all that practical in most cases.

So hey I think I'll be out of town that week, but there might be some positive from this insane circus after all.


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