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Monday, October 02, 2006

Final month

There is an amazing dynamic that can happen at this point in an election. People tend to prefer the Independence Party candidates on the issues, but they need to see that their friends and neighbors are on board. Peter Hutchinson John Binkowski and Tammy Lee want a lawn sign in your yard, it's easier to vote Independence if you see that others that you know are doing it, Lawn signs make a huge statement.

Letters to the editor are always good, go ahead and fire them off every so often. Even if they don't get published the newspaper takes notice.

Even at this late stage money is critical send what you can to any Independence candidate it will be a huge help.

Online communities have the same effect as lawn signs. Send a message to all your contacts telling them you support the Independence Party candidates and why. Sign up to myspace or facebook and become a friend or supporter of Independence Party candidates, again streangth in #'s encourages others to jump on board.

It's not to late, there is no need to waste your vote or support on your 2nd choice. Lets do our part in making this state and country work, and build toward even bigger things in 2008 and beyond. We only get one chance every 4 years to make our decisions, lets not make one that we regret.

By the way I'm going out on a limb and saying that no election involving an IP candidate will come down to less then 100 votes meaning even if you and 99 of your anti GOP, or anti DFL friends vote IP it won't change a thing other then help put the Independence Party over the top.


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