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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Campaign update

Peter Hutchinson for Governor

Poll #'s for Peter remain right below that significant double-digit threshold. The good news is that televised debates haven't started yet, the bad news is they don't start until the final week and a half assuming his opponents no show the debate on channel 23 later this week. The Jesse Ventura ads were great for exposure, and hopefully will grab from the Ventura base enough to put him clearly above 10% in the next poll. This is the one race where the media is going to give the Independence Party the fairest shot.

Robert Fitzgerald for US Senate

Robert's campaign appeared to take a major blow with the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press polls showing him completely off the radar. The good news is the damage caused by those two polls does not appear to be that severe as he is now sitting at 6%. He has a lot of debates, and will continue to introduce himself to the voters. The media will largely ignore him, but if he can keep up the strong fight he has a great opportunity to be the most successful Independence Party US Senate candidate to date.

John Binkowski For Congress 6th district

John's sticking his head in the middle of his opponents very nicely. The national exposure from Wetterlings awful ads has taken the medias attention on this race away from real issues, and that can hurt John, but he's remaining strong and as people get more and more outraged at the actions of his opponents, he will be the beneficiary.

Tammy Lee For Congress 5th district

What a week for Tammy. The story on Alan Fine, along with his reaction to it is driving Republicans away from him toward and toward Tammy Lee. The Martin Sabo photo is drawing Democrats to take a look at her. I'll just add this, there are a few other things going on that will drive traditional Democrats her way. After this week she is in a one on one battle for an open seat in congress, and if she gets the funds this very well can be an Independence Party pickup.

Now is the time where the fun volunteer opportunities start, be it standing on a bridge with fellow supporters holding signs, pub crawls, driving around delivering lawn signs, lit drops (that's right I said fun) or anything else you can be a great benefit towards a successful November 7th. It's not to late, heck 4 years ago at this time I still wasn't involved. By all means make a phone call, send an E-mail, or just pop into the campaign office and someone will find a fit for you.


Blogger jpw42 said...

Hello, my name is James Williams, I am the son of Stephen Williams. My dad has been given the go ahead from Michael Burger to run for congress in CD1.
James Williams


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