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Sunday, October 22, 2006

5th district final 2 weeks

Tammy Lee is in position to win, you need to look no further then the Republican blog arguments suggesting Alan Fine has a chance to know that Tammy Lee has a real chance. Ultimately it is still about how Keith Ellison does, as of course if he gets above 50% no hope remains for the opposition. Several factors are working towards that end. Alan Fines baseless attacks on Ellison should shave a handful of % from Ellison's eventual total, but more importantly Keith Ellison's lack of legal responsibility the last few years has not yet become a critical issue in this campaign. We saw this week that members of Martin Sabo's staff are publicly stating they can not support Ellison, as he is unfit to replace Martin Sabo. I think Ellison can and will be knocked down below 45%, how much farther who knows, but at 45% it gives Republicans the opportunity to vote against Ellison and in effect fire Ellison from the office he has yet to win, and has never earned. If Ellison finishes election night under 42% Tammy Lee will be our next congresswomen, and right now that is a very realistic scenario.

Expect one or two suprises in the final two weeks, and on election night as the Democrats are sweeping the swing districts, watch the national media focus in on what should be one of the safest districts in the country for Democrats.


Blogger timfromfargo said...

The 5th Congressional District race is fascinating to watch. Minnesotans will vote for a Democrat from the Hubert H Humphrey camp, but will they vote for a candidate from the Louis Farrakhan mothership? Alan Fine is a great candidate for Minnesota's 5th District. He is smart, a well respected businessman and University of Minnesota educator and is very spiritual , fair minded, hard working and truly cares about all types of people. Please be honest regarding your attempts to broad brush Alan Fine as attacking Ellison. Candidate Fine was simply reporting facts from the Democratic candidate's past and present. Fine showed writings, position papers, photographs , etc, depicting Keith Ellison's views. This is not an attack, this is simply showing the voters the truth.

Blogger mike said...

Alan Fine is a blatant liar and has been since his 2002 run for US Senate. Yes his attacks on Ellison are based on the truth and elements that deserve to be exposed, but he stretches them to an outrageous level.

Why does he accuse Ellison of being tied to terrorism and completely ignore Ellison's blatant disregard for the law? I might not be so harsh on Fine if he was attacking Ellison on all bases, but candidate Fine is doing everything in his power to ensure Keith Ellison gets elected.

Lets face reality Alan Fine won't be elected if he gets 12% and won't be elected if he shocks everyone and gets 32%, if Ellison has ties to terrorism as Fine claims then it is then there is one and only one responsible action Alan Fine could take, and we all know what that is. Of course Alan Fine hasn't been known to take responsible action in response to others irresponsibility in the past.


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