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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Minnesota poll?

Every other poll shows the governors race as a dead heat, in The Minnesota poll Hatch is up big, every other poll shows Bachmann up at least 3 points in the 6th the Minnesota poll has Wetterling up big, the margin in the US Senate race is large enough that the Minnesota poll inconsistency is not as noticeable but the 10 point ridicules effect exist there as well, and lets be clear the Star Tribune doesn't just cheat (and we have to call it cheating when they give no credibility to other polls and all the credibility in the world to their own) against Republicans, but probably more significantly the Star Tribune cheats against the Independence Party. I hold the Star Tribune personally responsible for Robert Fitzgerald's campaign stalling out in single digits.

Why not stop polling until you can figure out how to do it either accurately or with a random error? I'm not some crazy Republican, who hates everything the Star Tribune does, but this is a joke, and it has immeasurable influence on our elections. It's unfortunate people base their vote in part off of polls, but the people at the Star tribune are smart enough to know that happens.


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