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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't wear your bias so proudly

The Star Tribune editorial board, along with their board of inaccurate pollsters has a strong reputation of liberal bias, in the past they have made the effort to hide it when making endorsements, but the endorsement of Keith Ellison over Tammy Lee really demonstrates a lack of understanding of the role a congressman plays. We can all kick and scream with passion, as Keith Ellison is praised for, hell I'm kicking and screaming with passion right now, but the role of a congressman is at the very least lead by example.

Keith displays a strong inspirational message, pick yourself up and make something of yourself, but I just don't think the average resident he inspires is going to make it up if they have 35 unpaid tickets, for that matter they will struggle without a valid drivers license, and if they don't pay their taxes it will come back to haunt them. The Keith Ellison on display in the legislator and in the community would represent the 5th district well, but Keith Ellison the man has not yet picked himself up to the point where he's qualified for the office he currently has let alone United States Congress. He couldn't get a job as a mailman yet the Star Tribune thinks he would make a great congressman? Give me a break.

Meanwhile Tammy Lee represents everything the residents of the 5th district wants; she knows how to run a fully functioning campaign. No she has never held elected office, which puts her in the same boat as Colleen Rowley and Patty Wetterling. What better way to hide their liberal bias just enough to maintain some credibility then to endorse Tammy Lee? After endorsing Martin Sabo election after election shouldn't they be endorsing the candidate he is supporting, seems like a fitting way to fill their non DFL quota, but I guess that quota no longer exists.

Oh well now Keith Ellison has the Star Tribunes kiss of death. We shall see how that goes for him as Tammy Lee continues to roll past him in every other aspect of this race.


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