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Monday, October 23, 2006

Where are the polls?

As I look at the google searches that have lead people to this blog, it is clear the voters want to see a 5th district poll. As I read other blogs it is clear people are waiting for a poll on the race. People can sense what's going on around them, their DFL friends and neighbors are not supporting Keith Ellison, he will not get the 60% that Martin Sabo would get in a bad year, and it is reasonable to predict he will not get the 50% that ensures victory. People all around the 5th district sense this. Republicans while wishing they could support Alan Fine to victory realize that not only can't he win, but also he is not worthy of their time and energy, they know Tammy Lee is a solid candidate and want to make sure Keith Ellison is defeated. They want to see a poll to confirm that Tammy Lee is indeed ahead of Alan Fine, so they can bite the bullet, cut their losses, and vote Tammy Lee with no regrets.

The people of the 5th district seem to be excited about the prospect of sending Tammy Lee to Washington, but in light of the fact that other Independence Party candidates are polling low they want to see that what they sense is indeed reality.

I can tell you based on everything I've heard and seen about this race that Keith Ellison is falling flat, and Alan Fine is not at all capitalizing on that, instead all of the traditional DFL support is falling into the Tammy Lee camp or the undecided camp waiting to see that Tammy Lee is indeed on the verge of victory. No doubt Ellison is still leading, but the gap is closing in fast, and Alan Fine remains a non-factor.


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