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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Debate mess

The Minnesota News Network for their November 2nd debate has effectively kicked Robert Fitzgerald to the curb. Poll #'s are cited as the reason, and to the casual observer that's going to be a fair enough excuse despite the many credible arguments that can be made on that front. Robert may be a long shot for victory, but so is Mark Kennedy. Why not simply do an hour-long interview with our next US Senator Amy Klobuchar? Why should we be bothered by the desperate BS Mark Kennedy has to say when polls clearly indicate Mark Kennedy will not have a damn thing do with federal policy when his term in congress ends? Lets be clear a three way debate is less entertaining then a two-way debate, and a one on one interview is even less entertaining.

I have to ask the question does the media care about airing a debate among the candidates or are they more concerned about drawing viewers? If I want to see competitive sprit and fighting I'll watch a hockey game, debates are for informing the public of their choices.

It also must be noted that the Minnesota News Network is in large part a factor in Robert Fitzgerald's low poll #'s. Sure their are things he could be doing that would gain his campaign more media, but the media is the spark that gets a state wide campaign running. Debate exclusion is certain to damage Roberts final poll #'s November 7th.

And by the way if the one on one debate concept is ideal there is a way to include all major party candidates. Simply hold 3 separate one on one debate. I should end this post by informing you how to get in contact with the Minnesota News Network in hopes that the might give a damn what you have to say.

Phone: (612) 321-7200

E-mail: pmeier@mnnradio.com

Address: 100 North Sixth Street – Suite 476A


Blogger Sank said...

Hey Mike
Thanks for visiting Old and in the Way, first time or have you been there a while? I completely share your sentiments on politics in this state.. Frankly I wasn't aware that Tammy Lee was doing that well in the polling. I'm sort of intregued by the Independence party but I can't get past some of their less than pallatable candidates like the racist running in District 2 against Kline and Rowley. If any district needed a third choice, that would be it!!!

Well written blog BTW.

Blogger mike said...

Take a look at the post on Doug Williams I wrote the day he filed. He is not a part of this party, unfortanatly a nut can get on the ballot without signatures simply by filing under a major party lable with or without that parties consent. And since he didn't have a primary opponent he is now on the ballot. I would have been his primary opponent had if I lived in the 2nd, not because I have any desire to run for political office but because I don't need people like this being confused as party endorsed candidates.

Blogger Sank said...

I figured as much. I've sort of been intregued by the Independence party, I've been working on the Shelley Madore campaing a bit this year and while I really like Shelley, the "progressive" bunch in DFL leaves me shaking my head most of the time. Same goes for the the far right. We need a good solid centrest party for the rest of us.


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