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Friday, October 27, 2006

Pawlenty attack ad's

It looks like there is a ray of hope in the Peter Hutchinson campaign after all. Pawlenty has focused in on him in attack ads. In 2002 he had a similar immigration attack ad against Roger Moe and Tim Penny that was very damaging to Penny, but this one is much different. First of all it's so late in the game that everyone is already starting to think every attack ad is 100% lies, which makes the label Liberal Peter Hutchinson almost a complement as the viewer makes their own judgment of where the reality is. The other thing this ad does is gets the name Peter Hutchinson out to a lot of people that otherwise still don't know much about him, this is a perfect set up for the upcoming debates. Also you have to wonder if Pawlenty is seeing upward movement in the polls for Hutchinson. The threshold where the voters start to take a look at him isn't all that high if he performs well in the debates. If he's sitting at 13% pre debate, he may just be able to get momentum on his side, drive up turnout, help Tammy Lee and the other Independence candidates, and if the timing works out just right sneak into office.

It's gonna take a great combination of events, but Pawlenty has given him hope. I usually think every political move Pawlenty makes is a wise one, but I just can't figure out how he benefits on this one.


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